How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress Easily

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Google Analytics is the industry standard in web analytics. This tutorial will show you how to add google analytics to WordPress easily with a plugin as it does not require changing anything in theme files.

There are a lot of google analytics plugins available but the best one is MonsterInsights. Here is how you can Add Google Analytics to WordPress using MonsterInsights.

Google Analytics MonsterInsights guide:

  1. Download and activate MonsterInsights plugin

From the WordPress plugins page, search, download and activate the MonsterInsights plugin.

MonsterInsights Plugin
  1. Launch MonsterInsights wizard

Click on Launch the Wizard! button on MonsterInsights settings page and follow the instructions.

MonsterInsights Wizard
  1. Click on Finish Setup & Exit Wizard

After you have performed all the steps in the wizard, close the wizard by clicking on Finish Setup & Exit Wizard.

Congratulations! Now you have added Google Analytics via MonsterInsights plugin. If you have any queries or suggestions then please let me know using the comments down below.

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