5 Most Common WordPress Errors and How To Fix Them

5 Most Common WordPress Errors and How To Fix Them

Why did my WordPress site stopped working suddenly? How to fix this error code? What does this error means? How to fix PHP errors of WordPress?

Have you ever faced any one of these questions? Are you confused as to how to fix these errors? Then don’t worry. In this post, I will discuss how you can fix some of the most common WordPress errors that you might face.

  1. The White Screen of Death
White Screen of Death

One of the most common errors faced by WordPress users is the “White Screen of Death”. In this, the website will simply show a white page. The most common cause of this problem is plugin conflicts.

Troubleshooting Tips If you see this error on specific pages, then deactivate the most recently installed plugin. If the entire website is like this, then it is highly likely that it is a hosting side issue. If you cannot access wp-admin to disable plugins, disable them via ftp. Also, try increasing memory limit.

If everything fails, reinstall WordPress.

  1. Error Establishing a Database Connection
Error Establishing a Database Connection

This is another common error faced by WordPress users. Some common reasons for this error can be – incorrect database details, database server down, hosting provider down.

Troubleshooting Tips Check the database details in wp-config.php. Check if the database server is down or not. Also check if your hosting provider is up. If they don’t work, contact your hosting provider. Also, you can try using the WordPress Repair Tool.

  1. Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance
Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance

This error mainly occurs when the server times out during WordPress update.

Troubleshooting Tips Delete the file named .Maintenance. After doing that, your website will load as usual.

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  1. Memory Exhausted
Memory Exhausted

This error is caused when a plugin or a theme needs more memory to run than the defined memory limit.

Troubleshooting Tips Increase memory limit via .htaccess or wp-config.php or php.ini. If neither of these methods work, contact your hosting provider and ask them to increase memory limit. Also, you can try deactivating plugins as sometimes, defective or conflicting plugins execute indefinitely which exhausts the memory.

  1. 403 Forbidden Error
403 forbidden error chrome

403 error is permission error. This occurs if a user does not have access to a page.

Troubleshooting Tips Fix corrupted .htaccess file. If that’s not possible, delete that file. Also, check if .php is enabled in Apache handlers. If everything fails, contact your hosting provider for assistance.

I really hope this guide has helped you to fix some of the problems that you might have been facing with your WordPress site. If you have any queries or suggestions, then please let me know in the comments down below.

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