Best Premium WordPress Themes

Best Premium WordPress Themes

If you are on the lookout for a new WordPress theme, then you are at the right place. This post lists out some of the best premium WordPress themes out there. You can find a theme for every type of site in this post.

1) Divi

Divi Theme

Divi is one of the most popular themes out there. It’s made by a company called Elegant Themes. It comes with a theme builder (just like Elementor). It also comes with many plugins. It costs $89, which, in my opinion, is a great value.

One of the best features of this theme is that it has Divi page builder. It makes it easy to create landing pages, different page layouts etc. It’s just as easy to use as Elementor. Your page can have multiple rows and columns and also it can have multiple modules.

Divi modules give you access to many new features for which you would otherwise had to install multiple other plugins. Some of them are – slideshows, testimonials, email optin forms etc.

Recently, Divi was updated to include thee split-testing feature called Divi Leads. It helps you to carry out split-testing to deliver different versions of your site to different users which ensures that your site delivers the best results possible. Elegant Themes regularly updates this theme for adding new features to it.

With so many features and with the inclusion of page builder and extra plugins and with an exceptional price tag, this theme has become really popular lately.

2) Avada

Avada Theme

Avada has been the best selling theme (on Themeforest) for quite a while now. It is highly customizable and is packed with many settings. It also has 100s of pre-built demos.

Demos range from eCommerce, fashion, business, gym, cafe etc. Basically, there is a demo for every type of site. It comes with it’s own page builder called Avada Fusion Builder. It’s similar to Elementor page builder.

Some of the things that you can add using this theme builder is buttons, optin forms, sliders etc. Avada gives you access to full site editing meaning that you can edit your header and footer to your liking.

Due to these features, Avada rightly deserves the number 1 position on Themeforest.

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3) Flatsome

Flatsome Theme Demo

Flatsome is an eCommerce focused theme which is great looking and fast. It’s built by a company called UX Themes. They specialize in WooCommerce themes.

It has multiple demos which cover a wide range of store types. In addition to that, you also get a drag-and-drop page builder similar to Elementor. It helps in designing product pages, posts etc. very quickly and easily.

Flatsome is fully responsive meaning that your mobile users won’t be left out. The cart page, product pages, menus etc. all works very well in mobile devices.

This theme is highly recommended for anyone who wants to build a professional grade eCommerce store.

4) X

X Theme

X is one of the most powerful themes out there which can be used to create any kind of website imaginable. It’s made by Themeco.

The demos included are categorized into 4 categories. Each of the categories has multiple demos under them which ensures that no matter what project you are building, you will find at least one demo related to it.

X also includes the Cornerstone page builder. The main benefit of this page builder is (compared to some others) drag-and-drop user interface. This gives you a WYSIWYG interface which removes a lot of guesswork.

Cornerstone has a lot of pre-built modules which is useful in populating the layouts quickly and easily. The theme also has a lot of extensions which furthur helps you to customize your site.

Due to it’s sheer power, this theme is highly recommended for anyone who want’s to have complete control over their site as it’s highly customizable.

5) TheGem

TheGem Theme

TheGem is a relatively new theme made by Codex Themes.

This theme has over 80 creative concepts which will ensure that you are covered no matter what type of website you are creating. Looking at the demos, it can be clearly seen that this theme is built to a high standard. The demos are of so high quality that they could be sold separately.

You can import over 400 templates for your homepage, posts page, archives etc. Customizing your site isn’t a huge problem as the theme makes it so easy. So, it rightly deserves the title of one of the most popular themes out there.

Despite of of these customization options, the developers of this theme has not overlooked the other aspects of the theme like speed and optimization. This theme loads FAST! and is optimized for SEO. It also has full compatibility with Yoast SEO, WooCommerce and more. It also contains good premium plugins which is included in the cost of the theme.

No matter what your project is, TheGem theme has you covered.

I really hope that this post has helped you to select a premium theme for your next project. If you have any queries or suggestions, then feel free to ask me in the comments down below.

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