Slim SEO Review

Slim SEO Review

Slim SEO is a relatively new SEO plugin for WordPress. As its name suggests, it’s “slim” meaning it is a lightweight SEO plugin. According to them, it is only 40 KB in size.

Features of Slim SEO

Some notable features of Slim SEO plugin is:

  • Easy to configure
  • Lightweight – only 40 KB in size
  • High-quality code
  • The plugin is not bloated
  • FREE to use

How to Install Slim SEO?

The procedure of installing Slim SEO is same as installing any other WordPress plugin.

  • Go to your WordPress Dashboard
  • Go to Plugin > Add New
  • Search, install and activate the plugin

Alternatively, you can download the zip file from HERE and then you can upload the plugin and install it that way.


Slim SEO is a relative new SEO plugin which has around 10,000+ active installs and has a rating of 4.8/5. You can ask any question regarding the plugin at their support forum at

They also have an extensive documentation which covers every feature of the plugin in details.

Setting Page

Slim SEO setting page has three main settings:

  • General – In here, you get the option to insert custom code in the header, body, footer and the meta box.
  • Homepage – In here, you can set the Meta Title, Description, Face and Twitter meta images.
  • Tools – In here, you can import settings from other SEO plugins. Right now, only Yoast, AIO SEO Pack and SEO Framework is supported.

Setup Guide and Plugin Settings

Here are the different settings available in the plugin:

Meta Settings

The Meta Title is the title that appears in a search engine. Normally, the site title becomes the meta title but you can override that using the Meta Title tag which is available in the Slim SEO meta box just below the post or a page.

The Meta Description tag is automatically selected by Google from a page/post. But, many times it produces undesirable results. You can override that via this option.

The Meta Robot tag tells search engines what to index and what not to index. By default, 404 page, search results page, RSS feed, wp-admin, empty pages, posts and categories are excluded.

If you want to exclude anything more, you can use the Meta Robot tag to exclude them from search engines.

Facebook and Twitter SEO

Facebook OG (Open Graph) tags help to show featured images, meta title and description of articles shared on Facebook.

Twitter Cards tag helps to show featured image of a post or a page while sharing them to Twitter.

Auto Redirection

This feature helps to redirect the attachment page to the attachment URL and if there is only one author on the site, then it redirects the author archive to the homepage.

RSS Feed

Before you use RSS feed, you need to set a feed setting to the summary. To do that, go to Settings > Reading > For each post in a feed, include as Summary.

Slim SEO automatically adds the post link to your RSS feed. This beats the content scrapers at their own game.


Slim SEO has integrated the JSON-LD schema type that supports various types of global schemas.


Breadcrumbs can be enabled using the [slim_seo_breadcrumbs] shortcode.

Image Alt Text

Slim SEO can automatically insert Alt Text to the images in which you forget to insert the Alt Text. It does this by using the attachment title as the Alt Text.

XML Sitemap

Slim SEO generates a detailed and comprehensive sitemap of your site. Don’t worry, before generating it’s own sitemap, it disables the inbuilt sitemap of WordPress.

Disable Features

From this tab, you can disable any feature that you don’t need. This may also give you a small performance boost.


Slim SEO is a relatively new plugin in the SEO market. The main selling point of this plugin is its lightweight. It only weighs 40 KB. It might not be as feature-rich as its competitors but it has all of the essential features that is required for SEO.

I hope that this review has helped you to get an overview of the plugin. If you have any queries or suggestions, please let me know in the comments down below.

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