Virtono Web Hosting Review

Virtono Web Hosting Review – A new, solid Competitor?

Virtono is a fairly new web hosting provider headquartered in Romania. They started their operations from all the way back in 2012. Initially, they only had servers in Romania but since 2014, they have been increasing their data centers and now they provide their services in a lot of countries. They provide a lot of different web hosting services such as managed hosting, CPanel hosting, bare metal servers, VPS and many more. In this post, I will review Virtono in details.

What is Web Hosting?

Let me start with the basics first, what exactly is web hosting? In simple terms, web hosting is a service by which you can host your own websites, blogs, portfolios etc.

Why is it important to have a web hosting service? Well, these days almost everything (from businesses to newspapers to even college degree courses) have entirely shifted online. For that, all of these services have to use a web hosting service to host their websites, web apps etc.

The Unfortunate Truth behind most Web Hosting Companies

While Googling about web hosting solutions, you must have come across a few names. They are mainly:

  • Bluehost/HostGator/GoDaddy etc. (Budget End)
  • SiteGround (Mid tier)
  • WP Engine/Kinsta/Pressable etc. (High End)

You must have wondered why almost every blog recommends web hosting from these companies? The answer is – high affiliate payout per sale. You might wonder that high commission is not the only reason…right? Yes. You are right. Let me correct myself. The only reason that you will find the names of these companies (mostly) in almost every blog is due to the high affiliate commission AND the blogs themselves don’t use the services. The second part can be a shocker for you right? Well, it shouldn’t be. For starters, Bluehost has terrible performance and customer support. Same goes for GoDaddy, HostGator etc. SiteGround is pretty expensive after the first year and they have stupidly strict limits. Also, their performance is not that good. In the case of WP Engine, Kinsta etc., they cost way too much compared to what the actual cost should be.

So, what’s the solution? One word – Virtono.

Who are Virtono?

Virtono is one of the newer entrant into the world of web hosting. They started their operations in Romania all the way back in 2012. Since 2014, they have been expanding to other countries. Currently, they have their data centers in:

  • Miami/FL
  • Los Angeles/CA
  • New York/NY
  • Dallas/TX
  • Manchester/UK
  • Frankfurt/DE
  • Amsterdam/NL
  • Paris/FR
  • Madrid/ES
  • Stockholm/SE
  • Bucharest/RO
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Advantages of Virtono over it’s competitiors

Virtono has a lot of advantages over it’s competitors. For starters, multiple data centers ensure that you can select the one that is closest to your customers. Also, their servers use LiteSpeed Enterprise. This is one of the best web servers for handling heavy loads and is also extremely performant.

CPanel is included with all of their plans and as all of you know, CPanel is an easy to use web hosting control panel. They even have support for other languages like Python, Node.js etc. SSH access is also available.

But, one of the main advantage is their pricing over their competitors. Some of their plans are:

  • Web Hosting Advanced Plan for ($4.95 / month) – You will have UNLIMITED NVMe SSD Storage | Daily backups | UNLIMITED databases | UNLIMITED email accounts | FREE SSL certificate | and FREE domain registration
  • Cloud VPS plan KVM 2G ($8.95/ month) – You will have 50 GB SSD Storage | 1 vCPU | 2GB RAM | 3TB Bandwidth
  • Ultra Server Cloud Hosting Plan ($144.95/ month) – You will have 640 GB SSD Storage | 16 core CPU | 32GB RAM | IPv4 & IPv6 Addresses | 20TB Traffic | cPanel / WHM Admin Cloud
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Key Features

Now, let’s look at some of the key features of Virtono

  • Optimized for WordPress – They are build with WordPress in mind, everything was fine tuned to provide the maximum performance so you can enjoy a stable and reliable WordPress site.
  • Ultra Fast Loading Speeds – All the servers LiteSpeed and the newest technologies which ensure super fast loading speeds and it also helps to rank your site higher in search engines.
  • 100% Uptime – Their state of the art cloud infrastructure is fully redundant and integrated with Cloudflare. They will keep your website online at all times and ensure that it will load instantly from any corner of the world.
  • Easy To Use control panel – The hosting platform is powered by cPanel. It’s the most popular web-based control panel.
  • High Performance Hardware – They have powerful servers with 64 Cores Intel XEON Gold CPUs and 512GB RAM, RAID protected NVMe SSD storage, connected to the internet at 2x10Gbps to boost your website’s speed.
  • Secure Infrastructure – Each server has it’s own firewall, WAF, anti-malware & anti-virus scanner and they also take daily backups for each account.
  • CloudLinux OS – This helps in preventing abusive clients affecting your site’s performance.
  • Free Site Migration – They will migrate your entire site for FREE
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Screenshot 2022 01 10 at 16.12.20
Screenshot 2022 01 10 at 16.12.47
Screenshot 2022 01 10 at 16.12.01
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Features of CPanel in Virtono

Virtono uses CPanel and they provide a lot more features compared to some other well known CPanel hosting providers.

VIrtono CPanel

Some of the extra features provided by Virtono in their CPanel hosting is:

  • Ruby App Environment
  • Node.js App Environment
  • Python App Environment
  • SSH Access
  • Imunify360
  • Dynamic DNS
  • LiteSpeed Web Server


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Virtono is comparatively a new entrant into the world of web hosting and they have taken the world by storm by providing reliable servers, more than ample hardware resources and highly optimized web servers. Their pricing is also great.

I would highly recommend them for any web hosting project all the way from a simple portfolio to a extremely traffic heavy ecommerce site. Rest assured, their servers will handle everything pretty easily.

You can check them out HERE

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