How to Choose the Best Ecommerce Hosting Provider

How to Choose the Best Ecommerce Hosting Provider?

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It is about 59% of millennial shoppers and 75% of total consumers worldwide prefer eCommerce platforms to purchase products. Today, from groceries to electronic gadgets and other heavy products are available on eCommerce platforms. Thus, if you are also running an eCommerce website, it is the right time to Get VPS hosting India to make your site perform efficiently. If you are in the confusion, about why are we talking about eCommerce hosting services, we have curated this post for you.

Remember that eCommerce hosting is very much responsible to boost your site’s performance. To make the task easier, get the best ecommerce hosting by MilesWeb where web hosting providers will look after the technical configurations of your website. Now, you might have the question that why choosing the eCommerce hosting provider is essential? This guide gives you the answer, keep reading this post.

Introduction: What is Meant by eCommerce Hosting?

Launching an online store requires too much technical expertise. You code a website, add relevant features to enhance the shopping activities of consumers, and perform much more activities. Hosting an eCommerce website means you are leasing out server space for your eCommerce platform. Because of this, your site will be connected with visitors and web users.

In simple words, you are buying the right to use someone else’s unused server space. You can also get your server from a hosting company like MilesWeb, GoDaddy, etc. There are many different forms and special features with which you can get hosting. Some hosting providers are popular because of their hardware configurations and special features like providing control panels, tech support, website builder tools, and many more. But what exactly is eCommerce hosting? It is a series of special features designed for a specific area of ​​business. Hosting services with SSL encryption help eCommerce owners in generating a high traffic rate, additional security layer, payment gateway support, and many more.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Hosting Provider

Don’t you think that choosing any random eCommerce hosting provider can put a negative impact on your site? You can get slower hosting or less secure hosting at a lower cost if you have a thinking of “why is there a need to spend the extra money?” However, there are many important reasons for this. Let us know the importance of choosing the right hosting provider.

  1. Customers Do Not Browse Slow Site – Today, we live in a fast-paced internet world where customers do not expect a single second delay to operate websites. Do you know if your site takes more than 3 seconds to load and then 47% of customers will leave your site to load in less than 2 seconds? If not, keep a note of this figure.
    In addition to the customer experience, site speed plays an important role in determining its quality as well. This is because search engines take time to produce results when it is unable to find a site quickly. To find pages, search engines pop up on your homepage or site map and “crawl” links. If the site speed is low, then pages will not be included in the indexing of pages.
  2. Customers Do Not Browse the Unsecured Domain – While anyone can enter the world of eCommerce, you need to provide the right security for the customer in your store. Every browser is different in security measures. Web browsers make it very important to keep customer data safe when browsing the web. That is why it is among the most popular browsers.
    It will describe your site as “less secure” if the site is not encrypted with an HTTPS SSL certificate. If a customer sees this, they will not trust the performance of your site. SSL or Secured Socket Layer certificates are small files stored on a server. Encrypts data transferred between web servers. Hosting comes with digital signature authentication. It is most needed for secure data transfers, payments, or transactions, and is used for surfing social networking sites.
  3. Downtime Is Not Affordable – If the site is not accessible to the customers, they will not purchase anything from your site. Even if your site got down for an hour, it can hugely impact the revenue varying on the day, sales volume, traffic, and the region.
    Also, if your site got down frequently, it will impact the reputation of your brand. It can even sink your business. Mostly, the sites go down when they are in maintenance. If you are going for planned maintenance, then it is wise that you inform your visitors about that in advance. Unplanned downtime is more of a threat because it can take longer to remediate.

Closing Line

The eCommerce hosting plans are helpful for eCommerce websites to make them efficient and generate revenue for website owners. Also, it safeguards your websites and applications from several data security threats and hacking attempts.

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