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I am often asked about how I have set up my website, what plugins I use, which web hosting I use, and all. It was really time-consuming replying to all of them individually. So, I have decided to write this post which will highlight what goes behind the scenes to keep WPSteam up and running.

Blogging Software


As you might have guessed, my blog is powered by WordPress. Take note that this is the self-hosted version of WordPress and NOT the WordPress.com hosted version as the self-hosted version gives you complete control over your site. If you want to migrate out of WordPress.com, please check out this post – How to Migrate From WordPress.com to WordPress.org.

As you might be aware, there are many blogging platforms out there. But, WordPress is the best out of them just due to it’s flexibility and ease of use.

WordPress Hosting

A good web hosting is really important for a fast website. Fast website means less waiting. Less waiting means more visitors. A slow host means you could lose potentially a lot of customers or visitors.

For WPSteam, I use Hostinger. Why did I choose Hostinger to host my site? Well, they are a really good web host. They host millions of websites. Also, they use LiteSpeed servers which translates to a really fast and responsive website.

Website Theme

Website Theme

I use the OceanWP theme for WPSteam. For more information on this theme, you can check out my review on OceanWP – OceanWP Theme Review – Best Multipurpose Theme.

Check out some of these high-quality themes too!



For WAF and CDN, I use Cloudflare. Specifically, I use their pro plan. That plan has more than enough features for my requirement. Their WAF works flawlessly for blocking against every types of attacks imaginable and their CDN makes sure that my users never have to wait for more than 3 secs (as recommended by Google) for my website to load.

For wp-admin protection, I use Cloudflare Access.

For backups, I use Hostinger’s own backup and I also use BlogVault for off-site backups.


For improving the performance of my website, my host uses LiteSpeed server. In conjunction to that, I also use the LiteSpeec plugin for WordPress which furthur improves the performance of the site.

I use Perfmatters for disabling the scripts/features which I don’t use such as embeds, WordPress emojis etc.

I hope that you have found this post really helpful. If you have any queries or suggestions, then please let me know in the comments down below.

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Rahul Biswas
Rahul Biswas

I am the founder of WPSteam. I am currently doing my B.Tech in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering from KIIT University, Bhubaneshwar, India

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