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Recently, I have been receiving a lot of requests for guest posts on my blog, WPSteam. I didn’t accept guest posts earlier due to SEO spam but now, I have decided to start accepting guest posts as the posts will be manually reviewed by me. Here is how you can submit a guest post to WPSteam.

Guest Post Requirements

  • Email the guest post topic and a brief write-up to Make sure to write “Guest Post” in the subject
  • The post should be unique and shouldn’t be published anywhere else on the internet (due to SEO issues)
  • It should have, on an average, 1,000 characters
  • Advertisement posts are strictly prohibited. If you want to advertise on my site, then reach out to me via email at Make sure to write “Advertisement” in the subject
  • The post should not be spammy

That’s all of the requirements for a guest post on my site. If you need any help then feel free to reach out to me via the contact form or email or twitter.

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Rahul Biswas
Rahul Biswas

I am the founder of WPSteam. I am currently doing my B.Tech in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering from KIIT University, Bhubaneshwar, India

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